The Dark Side of Sod


Shopper's Surprise

June 4, 2019

Sampling BONZ Barb BQ sauce over the past 6 years in supermarkets, festivals and special events, I’ve learned alot about how humans respond to flavor, and the way they approach a demo table. A successful demo is when someone eagerly comes up and says “whatcha cookin’ today”? I say, “BONZ and ______ (whatever)”, they try it, LOVE it, BUY some, and immediately becomes BONZ diggers for life.

An unsuccessful demo is when people (looking out the corner of their eyes) walk straight past the table, terrified I might say something. LOL! Others regretfully, just ate, or are on their phones, or they're on a mission to grab one thing and go.

The shoppers I love the most are those who are pleasantly surprised after they had just said, "I don't like BBQ sauce", took a chance, sampled BONZ, and BONZ Barb BQ sauce became the new household favorite. YAY!!!!!

The moral to this story is, a way to a human heart is through the palate. Don’t just walk past a demo station in the store and not at least try what they have to sample, (don't try if medical restrictions apply) otherwise you might be missing something that could change your life, and make it even better, or at the very least say hello when you walk on by, the human connection is nice.

Chow for now,

Julie Pope