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Hi, I'm Julie. I create ways to educate and help people embrace and prepare for the end of their physical life. I am a non-judgmental end of life advocate for death, souls and bodies.

Having worked with death and countless survivors over the years, it is mind-blowing to see how many (millions) of my fellow humans are STILL not preparing themselves to reach "RIP" status.

End of Life Options is where you will find a list of death care services available. Fees are based on individual need. Connect with me so we can discuss your unique situation.

My entrepreneurial spirit won't allow me to stop creating new ways to get word to you that is important, so I've developed a couple of conversation ice breaker's for death chats with the family that work. Both items are available for purchase in the Store.  

BONZ Barb BQ Sauce - besides the flavor being to die for, the label is a friendly reminder that time with people you love is precious. Celebrate the time.

BONZ Book - BONZ The Green Side of Sod/The Dark Side of Sod, is a survivor guide for everyBODY, making BONZ the only "Barb" BQ Sauce on the planet with its own self help book.

I'm here to help you live fully, and die in the best shape possible.

Peace and stay tuned,

Julie Pope

Bottom line...your time on earth is shorter than you think. Let me help you prepare for, and die (mentally, physically, and financially) in the best shape possible. If you have a need or questions, connect with me so we can discuss confidentially your individual situation and the end of life care you desire.

Life Before Death
Get organized and
establish a plan
Get Survivor Ready
Downsize home
Legacy Work
Advance Directives
Wedding Officiant
Public Speaking

Life During Death

End of Life Doula
Vigil - No One Dies Alone (NODA)
Coordinate with Hospice and other team members

Life After‍ Death
Funeral Homes
Ritual Work
Funeral Officiant
Non-Traditional Funerals
Early Grief Work

End of Life

Learn More!

A New Book
by Julie Pope!


A New Book
by Julie Pope!

"None of us like to think about death but it is something this book brings to the forefront. We do not realize how important it is to have these conversations with our family. It is very inspiring, thought provoking and and easy read."  

- WT in Indiana
"Thank you Julie Pope for giving us a gift that we would not have normally chosen for ourselves. Your background knowledge and willingness to offer your expertise on the subject life/death is a blessing. I highly recommend this to all."

- KO in Indiana

Caregiver Cafe

Every Thursday in May
@ The Buttery Shelf
927 Main St, Lafayette

Everything you need to know if you're about to care for someone or you'll soon need someone to care for you. We'll be discussing legal issues, hospice, elder abuse, and we will have a time for Q&A. No cost to attend and everyone is welcome! Email for more info.

See our WLFI TV 18 story here!

The COVER Lafayette Project is NOW OPEN (24/7) and accepting your help and support through the 2020/2021 winter season.

If you have extra blankets, any form of outerwear for winter, please drop them on the back porch of the Buttery Shelf located at 927 Main Street in downtown Lafayette. If you need blankets, any form of outerwear for winter, go to the back porch at the Buttery Shelf. Take whatever you need.

Please LIKE the COVER Lafayette page on Facebook and share our COVER UPdates. It's the best support we have.

Have a beautiful day and stay well.


Julie Pope

Cover Lafayette



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