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Survivors R US

May 5, 2019

One will either be a survivor of another death, or they will have survivors of their own death. There’s no doubt that a popular goal would be to survive this world experiencing as little pain and suffering as possible. Ideally, this is a great goal, but who do you know doesn’t experience pain and suffering at some point in time in their life? Yet, we seem to survive…eventually. But are we surviving well?

People who take death personally begin to systematically check off items on their “How to die right when I do” list. Let’s see now; body present (check),  Funeral Home selected (if applicable) and memorial service planned (check), Cemetery selected (if applicable) (check), Obituary (if applicable) (check), Death Certificates needed (check), GOVERNMENT filings, who’s going to distribute stuff, “GOT REALTOR?”, need a dumpster? Who takes the pets?(Check, check and check).  Of course this list is short, the point is the same, there's so much to do with potentially little time and it doesn’t matter if you have been deemed “terminal”; your death is imminent (sooner than later), or you physically leave your body without fanfare or notice, in order to cultivate healthy survivors from your plot in life, you have to openly, honestly, instructively, and comfortably (with confidence) sit down and discuss your departure, and your “what to do when”instructions with your close family and friends.  People who don’t take death seriously, die leaving their survivors scrambling for clarity, fumbling for money, and exhausted; consistently wondering if they were doing the right thing or not when they could have been better prepared.

Please consider this...

It is irresponsible for you not to consider your death and how it will impact those around you. Help your survivors combat FEAR of death, by showing them that death can be handled with grace, class and love. ALL SURVIVORS NEED TO SLOW DOWN,take a deep breath, try to relax, and systematically approach a checklist that works for the individual family. Once the W’s; who, what, when, and where's the body are identified; the why at this point is secondary, then you can seekout your Death Care professional. Select the business that falls in line with the needs of the family, not the other way around. You do not have to use a funeral home just because your family has always used one in the past.  Over time staff changes, philosophy changes, ownership changes (Corporate or Family owned & operated), or maybe the establishment simply cannot provide the service you require. Be sure the fit is right for you.


Julie Pope